DJ Grothe 
"The Proper Role of Religion in American Public Education: A Secularist View"

Sunday, June 20, 2004
11:00 a.m.

Highlighting current controversies such as the intelligent design movement, school prayer, religious movements that seek to replace the classical liberal arts curriculum, and controversies surrounding student activities fees, secularist activist DJ Grothe will lecture at CFI-West about the practical strategies for engaging in the current debate over the role of religion in public education. 

Mr. Grothe serves as the Director of Campus and Community Programs for the Center for Inquiry International, a secular, pro-science public education organization.  He has traveled and lectured widely throughout North America, speaking on ethics, religious-political extremism, church-state separation, skepticism and science advocacy. His writings have been published in newspapers throughout the United States, and he has spoken on numerous radio and television programs.

$6.00 or free for Friends of the Center.

This talk will be repeated in Costa Mesa at 4:30.

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