Freethought Video Night

April 21st, 8:00 p.m.
See three movies for $6.00

No plans for 8:00 on Good Friday?  Join us at CFI-West for a screening of three short subjects by area secular humanists.  We will have an open forum with the writer-directors after the showings.

A Day in the life of Frank Sinatra
by James Underdown

Frank Sinatara has been a homeless man living in Los Angeles for almost ten years.   What is his day like?  How did he get to be homeless in the first place?   this short documentary answers those questions and more in this poignant piece about an anonymous man with a famous name.  Documentary, 29 minutes.

Queen Silver: A Freethought Epic
by Dwayne Walker

Dwayne Walker showcases rare photographs and interviews of the legendary iconoclast, Queen Silver, the girl philosopher of Los Angeles.  Hear true stories from Queen Silver and those who knew her.  Many have never been told until now.  Documentary, approx. 40 minutes.

Dear Father,
by James Underdown

Father Richard Burschlieber hasn't seen Ernest Bloss since he had sex with him in the boathouse at summer camp twenty years ago.  When he gets a letter from Ernest saying Ernest is on his way and means to have a talk, he takes action--the wrong action.   Drama/Dark Comedy, 22 minutes.

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