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Sunday, May 1
Seth Mnookin
The Vaccine Debate: Faith, Facts, and the Crisis of Science in a Democratic Society

Thursday, April 21
OC Skeptics Supper Club

Friday, April 22
West Los Angeles Fourth Friday Dinner

Saturday, April  23
Freethinkers Toastmasters

Wednesday, April 27
Cafe Inquiry
Jonathan Kirsch
Why the World Will Not End on May 21

Sunday, May 8
Gay and Lesbian Atheists and Humanists (GALAH) - L.A. Chapter

Wednesday, May 11
Skeptics' Book Club

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Back by popular demand!

Debater's Toolbox

June 18 & 19

How do you respond to typical religious questions? What techniques are used by believers to support their case? What are the best arguments for the rational, secular point of view?
To answer these questions and more, we have gathered some of the country's best debaters and instructors for a day and a half workshop at the Center for Inquiry-West in Hollywood, CA. There you will learn some of the best arguments and responses to the faith-based view of the world.
Toolbox presenters include:
  • Keith Parsons- (Professor of Philosophy at the University of Houston at Clear Lake)
  • Eddie Tabash (Civil Rights Attorney, Chair, Center for Inquiry-West)
  • Jeff Lowder (Founder and president of Internet Infidels, Inc.)
  • James Underdown (Executive Director, Center for Inquiry-West)
  • DJ Grothe (Director, CFI-On Campus)

The workshop goes all day Saturday and Sunday. General admission is $49 for both days. Admission for Friends of the Center is $44, for students, $25. Fee includes handouts and other materials. We'll supply information about nearby hotels and motels for out of town guests.
Call (323) 666-9797 ext. 102 or email for information.

Want to pre-register? Please use this printable registration form.

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