In the Bill of Human Rights of Cyrus the Great, we read:

     Freedom and tolerance of thought, speech, religion; choice of place of residence, coming and going, jobs and professions, will be on equal terms and conditions for everyone.
     No injury, injustice or harassment is allowed to be done to anyone.
     In this way Cyrus says that I have sown the seed of amity, friendship and affection among nations and have granted the people peace of mind, security, tranquility and comfort.

From Cyrus the Great, King of Iran, sixth century B.C.

New Horizons aims to promote the ideals of secularism, democracy, and rational inquiry to people of Iranian origin in Southern California and, ultimately, throughout the world.  The project--sponsored by the Council for Secular Humanism--is run by volunteer Armen Saginian from the Los Angeles offices of the Center for Inquiry-West.

There are nearly one million people of Iranian origin in the Greater Los Angeles area.  Many are refugees from the repressive Islamic regime in Iran.