Welcome to our web site. Like you, we are young and of Iranian origin. The organization which we call Irane-Javan is part of a group of organizations under the general heading of New Horizons, and this group consists of: Iran-Identity (an organization dedicated to the task of Research to extract the true history of Iran and its noble culture, and presentation of the same to the youth), Iran-doxt, under the title of Citizens of the World for Human Rights (a women’s organization dedicated to the promotion and advocacy of women’s cause), Irane-Javan (a youth organization to help promote and protect a future for Iranian youth), and Iran-Andishe (a research and development organization for the advancement of thought and solution of previously unsolved Iranian Socio-economic problems), and Iran-Action (an organization dedicated to the implementation of solution to the problems conducted and resolved by other groups). New Horizons is a new project of Council for Secular Humanism, with over 224 branched in 36 countries.

Most of our youth, residing out of Iran, is not literate in the old Arabic script, but we speak Parsi (not Farsi, which is the Arabic version of the word Parsi), yet, in five minutes they become literate in the new script, variations of which is in use among the youth, and it is programmed to be used with "Windows". For your information and possible use, this proposed new alphabet is presented below. It is phonetic and covers all the sounds used in Parsi language.

A = bad, B = boy, C = chalk, D = Davis, E = Edward, F = fat, 

G = Globe, H = hope, I = in, J = John, K = keep, L = lamp, 

M = mother, N = new, O = open, Q = sound French (r), R = red, 

S = sit, T =cat, U = put, V = van, W = hurt, X = sound of (kh)

Y = you, Z = Zebra, { = arm, } = shop, | = sound of (zh).

We used to have communications problems with our fellow Iranian students in Europe and Iran, but with this alphabet we do communicate with our European counterparts and we hope that our fellow students in Iran will visit our web site and join the club. We can ourselves Irane Javan. This name is not cast in iron, we, collectively, can change it for a better name, if you have one to suggest.

We believe that we should live our lives the way we see it fit. Therefore, we began with the new alphabet. Now we can read and write Parsi with no spelling problem, and we can learn how to read and write in five minutes.

We believe that the country we shall call come should be the way we like it to be. Therefore, we have composed a constitution which we offer to the youth of Iranian origin for their consideration and comment. We intend to build our future, and a new constitution is where we began. We can not build a future on foundations that are outmoded, outdated and out of touch with today’s realities. We shall present our proposed constitution in five segments written in our new alphabet. Please read it, confer with your peers and give us your feedback.

As the Newtonian physics does not work in the outer space, on the same token, old ways and means which could feed and raise 18 million population of Iran fifty sixty years ago, can not feed the 65 million plus population of today’s Iran. We have shortage of water and shortage of cultivated land. This problem statement was referred to our Iran-Andishe and they have come back with interesting proposals which will be relayed to you after the conclusion of the presentation of our proposed constitution.

As a nation we have many other ills, social and otherwise. Inform us about problems that you see and feel. We will hand them to our research organization and will ask them for solutions.

Please inform your peers about this web site. Get involved. Demand your rights. Believe in yourselves. Think independently, speak our your mind and materialize your convictions.