Roots of Terrorism in the U.S. 
By: Armen A. Saginian

Originally published in "The Western Inquirer" Fall 2002 Issue

Yes! Right here in the U.S., the seeds of terrorism are being sown. In 1996, a request for financial help was send to the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). That 28-page document, in essence, told the NED that an Islamic militancy and malignancy was growing in the Middle East, and if proper steps were not taken it will come to the United States. The request was rejected. If you are interested in this exchange, contact New Horizons for a copy.

As you may recall, in the past five years, we have had many terrorist incidents in the Middle East and North Africa with very heavy human casualties and financial loss to the United States. We do not claim that they could have been prevented, but most probably we would not be where we are today. Beside the losses that we have already suffered, we are bearing a lot of expenses that will continue for a long time. Contact us for a booklet on our posture against terrorism and its cost.

It used to be that terrorists were trained overseas, in special camps and in certain countries. Now such training is being carried out here in the United States. They are training our and their children right here in the United States. Study the articles in the newspapers and investigate documents that were published on Islamic Schools in the United States. They outright teach the students to hate Jews and Christians. If you do not have access to those reports contact us and we will provide them for you for only the cost of the videos and copies of news articles.

Armen Saginian is Executive Director Of New Horizons 

By: James Underdown Executive Director Center for Inquiry West

Armen Saginian and New Horizons have made some notable strides lately I thought worth mentioning.

Their work is getting through to people all over the world whose lives are changing dramatically due to their efforts.

New Horizons and their representatives have been on the radio in North America almost 400 hours over the past five months. This has led to an even more important development.

As of August 12, 2002, secular Farsi speakers will broadcast Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m., and 1p.m. - 5p.m. on Sundays, PST. These scheduled shows on both internet radio and Paltalk (a radio which tunes in to a special band of frequencies) are allowing groups in theocracies and other hostile situations to hear and partake in religious (esp. Islamic) criticism. This vital exchange of information renders blasphemy laws and government control of dissenting opinion practically ineffectual.

The dozens and dozens of calls we get after each broadcast from around the world underscores the popularity and enthusiasm there programs have created.

New Horizons has also made some inroads into television, as they have participated in over 180 hours of broadcasts on Farsi language TV channels. In September they begin a schedule of two one-hour shows during the week, and at least two-hour show on Sundays (later development - Five half hour shows on weekdays and two-hour shows on Sundays).

Finally, there has been forward movement on the domestic front as well, concerning the proposed organization which met in Amherst last fall, but could not agree upon a name for itself. With New Horizon taking the lead, they will propose calling the group Article 18, after the section in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights which refers to freedoms and change. The results of that proposal will be forthcoming.

I believe Armen Saginian is to be commended for his tireless efforts in establishing New Horizons as a deep well of secular ideas in the desert of Islamic fundamentalism.

Thank you for your time regarding this important project.