New Horizons is a project of Council for Secular Humanism, its charter, like the function of Prometheus in mythology, is to shed light of truth into the dark world of superstition, and to illuminate the realities of life for its mislead and enslaved residents. Organization of New Horizons is based on the functions it has to perform.

The world to be illuminated begins with the western-most edge of Africa, and, through Middle East, and Southeast Asia, extends all the way through the Philippines. It consists of a vast parcel of land and a great population composed of many nations with many languages. Total number of its inhabitants is well over one billion.

Among languages spoken by these people are Arabic and Parsi or Persian. None of the languages spoken by the people of this region, carries the weight and influence of these two languages. Therefore, the initial structure of the functional organization of New Horizons is based on two main pillars of Parsi and Arabic.

Prior to Arab conquest Iran and Egypt were the centers of knowledge, learning and power of their time and era. Arab invasion came and robbed them of all their wealth, both material and cultural. An iron curtain of sorts befell on the conquered lands and its inhabitants became slaves of the Arab imperialism under the disguise of Islamic religion. The conquerors, to assure longevity of its empire, took what they could carry and destroyed everything else that defined nationhood, including language and culture.

Darkness of superstitions covered the minds of the conquered nations. Egypt lost everything but the memory of its past grandeur. Iran survived with an adulterated language and a culture crippled with superstitions and an imposed religion that is totally alien to the nature of her people.

Baring situation of Pakistan and India, mental posture of the people of this parcel of land can be affected and altered if and when the people of these two cultural giants, namely Iran and Egypt, are awakened and mentally released and freed from their internal bondage.

Iranians have discovered the existence of the demon that lives in their minds and has them under its brutal and total control. They have named it "Davalpa." Because of this recognition, campaign against it will not prove to be very difficult. Situation of Egyptians with their mental demon remains to be studied.

New Horizons carefully scrutinized the history and present day realities of the Parsi and Arabic-speaking world for precedent regarding Secular Humanism. Lo and behold, the search for enlightenment and freedom did not begin in recent decades or centuries. The first decree and declaration of human rights took place in the center of this parcel of land, in Babylon, by Cyrus the Great king of Iran, over two thousand five hundred years ago.

A brief translation of Cyrus the Great’s decree, issued in 539 BCE reads as follows:

"Freedom and tolerance of thought, speech, religion; choice of place of residence, coming and going, jobs and professions, will be on equal terms and conditions for everyone.

"No persecution, injustice, or harassment is allowed to be done to anyone.

"In this way Cyrus says that I have sown the seed of amity, friendship, and affection among nations and have granted the people peace of mind, security, tranquility, and comfort."


What is freedom, and why does mankind struggle and die for it?

As long as a person can not think for himself, decide for himself, and act on his own decisions, he is a slave of those who make decisions for him. If there are no choices, there are no decisions to be made (baring the first and essential decision of each and every person to stay alive).

Mankind has learned to enslave his own kind. He has traded his slaves throughout history as commodities or possessions. It took a long time before governments, by formal decrees or legislation, abolished the practice and set people free. Yet, such a freedom is a physical one only, if a freedom at all, and does not truly set a person free. A person may be decreed free and laws may be legislated to legalize such freedom, yet, if the person does not overcome the obstacle of his internal mental conditioning to be able to think for himself, decide for himself, and enact his own decisions, regardless what the law(s) may state or imply, the man is a defacto slave.

A possible mass enslavement as recorded in human history was committed by the Assyrians when upon the conquest of Jerusalem, Nebuchadnezzar II transported his captured Jewish slaves to Babylon, who stayed there as spoils of war until Babylon was invaded and they were liberated by Cyrus the Great of Iran. Cyrus set them free, paid for their return to Jerusalem and for the rebuilding of the Temple and he paid for their new start in life in 550 B.C., and got his name and actions recorded in the "Old Testament" as a liberator prophet send by Jehovah.

The manner in which Cyrus the Great gave freedom to the Jews and other captives of Babylon was unique and unprecedented. His order was carved on a clay cylinder - a replica of which is on display in the United Nations, N.Y. - and it was rolled over clay sheets to make imprints, and copies of that decree were send to all the conquered and liberated lands to set all captives free. In essence, it was the first declaration of human rights ever declared or decreed by any person or government. Printed copy of the imprint and its translation can be obtained from New Horizons.

New Horizons has decided to pick up this ancient torch of human freedom, the torch of Secular Prometheus known as Cyrus the Great, and intends to carry its message and function into the modern world and illuminate the way of the enslaved captives to their freedom and into the third millennium.

The part of New Horizons which will focus on the people under Arabic influence is a three persons and is called Institute for Secularization of Islamic Societies, I.S.I.S. for short. Their world message can be reached on the website at http://www.secularislam.org. This organization will grow and diversify as long as its functions continue.

Organizational structure that performs functions for people under Parsi influence is further developed and is composed of the followings:

1. Iran-andishe, a think tank that generates new ideas and develops them into projects. 

2. Iran-identity, an identity research and development organization that tries to establish who we were, who we are, and where are we headed or where should we be heading. 

3. Iran-dokht, a women’s organization dedicated to identify Iranian women’s past and present, and plans to liberate Iranian women from religious and traditional bondage. 

4. Irane-javan is a youth organization which tries to organize the youth in body and mind training classes all over the world. Presently they conduct classes in the U.S., Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Turkey. They train students and prepare them for freedom and independence, and train new instructors to start and establish new training centers. 

5. Iran-action, a performing and enactment organization that raises funds and enacts projects developed by the other four organizations, or provides funds for them to perform their own functions. 

For any question or further inquiry please reach us by mail or e-mail at NewHorizons@CFIWest.org