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The Center for Inquiry-Los Angeles is seeking volunteers to help with activities.  We need your time, talent, and commitment to help in building a thriving community center with a wide range of programs.   Volunteers will find the center a pleasant, supportive and rewarding work environment.

We would welcome volunteers in all the functions of a typical local volunteer group: chairpersons for meetings, hosts for social events, editors and writers for the newsletter, speakers for public events, staff for information booths, and general help to prepare and run meetings.  Volunteers need to be available some weekends and evenings, but not usually during normal working hours.

WHATEVER WORKS: Let us know if you have any ideas or suggestions for projects you would like to be involved with.  And let us know about any special talents or interests you have.  Don't hesitate to list anything; it might surprise you how your particular skills could be utilized.   We are also interested to know of any areas of interest you might not currently have the skills to perform, but which you might enjoy learning about.  This could include such things as word processing, data entry, library cataloging, public speaking, or editing.

If you think you might be interested in volunteering at the Center, please e-mail us a note at Volunteer[at]  At this stage you are not committing yourself to anything other than exploring the options for your involvement.  After we receive your note, we will be in touch with you to see if we can tailor a rewarding volunteer position that meets your interests and our needs.

The Center will also be setting up a new Programs Committee to plan events and activities. If you are interested in being considered for this group, please contact Jim Underdown with information about relevant expertise, interests, and availability.

The Los Angeles area has a unique venue available for skeptical, humanist, and cultural events: the Center for Inquiry-Los Angeles.  Many new events and programs are planned -- and more ideas for events and volunteers to run them are wanted: the Center is available for meetings 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.  

Contact Jim Underdown at (323) 666-9797 or e-mail Volunteer[at]

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Wednesday, Feb. 26
Cafe Inquiry with Margaret Downey

Sunday, March 2
Cats, Sheep and Goats: The Taxonomy of Atheists, Believers and Preachers

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Wednesday, Feb. 26
Cafe Inquiry with Margaret Downey

Sunday, March 2
Cats, Sheep and Goats: The Taxonomy of Atheists, Believers and Preachers

Saturdays, 10am - 12pm
Toy Loan Program
Hosted by L.A. County, Atheists United, and CFI-L.A.

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