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Why They Support CFI-LA

Ross Blocher

You'd think my favorite thing about CFI-Los Angeles would be the book club with its insightful, wide-ranging conversations.  Or perhaps the frequent Feed Your Brain lectures with the latest authors and news-makers, the Cafe Inquiry discussions where everyone participates, the great alternative theater in the building, or the numerous opportunities to get involved and volunteer.   Perhaps the best part is the Independent Investigations Group, where I investigate and experience phenomena first hand.  But no, my favorite part of CFI is the people it attracts.  Good people, intelligent people, honest people: real friends who are there when you need them.  It is this about CFI that proves one need not believe anything unsupported by evidence to enjoy all the best in life.

Wendy Hughes

I discovered CFI-LA advertised on the back cover of SKEPTICAL INQUIRER magazine;  I was excited to find a secular social and educational outlet close to home.  Many atheists have limited opportunities to socialize.  At CFI-LA I have found a network of caring friends, an absorbing hobby in the Independent Investigations Group ( , and a fun place to volunteer.

Louise Monaco

About five years ago, I started to look around for an intellectual and social locus that would be absorbing.  I began to search on my computer, where I came across something called the Center for Inquiry.  I went to a lecture, then I heard that a book club was about to be formed and I signed up immediately.  Now I'm comfortable, still debating political, legal, and constitutional issues as a participant in yet another liberation struggle and volunteering such skills as I possess.  I got lucky at CFI.

Carrie Poppy

Since I left religiosity for reason, CFI has become home.  People come to CFI for myriad reasons - some love science; some are secularists; some are questioning paranormal modalities and "alternative" practices, and some are ex-believers, like me, who come because we've seen the worst that superstition has to offer and now want to help others find an intellectually freeing and rewarding life in a god-free world.  CFI provides a community for people who value honesty above hollow comfort, progress above groundless tradition, and sincere inquiry above blind faith.  CFI is my community.  CFI is my home.

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