SOS celebrates with “Festival of Recovery,” CFI-L.A. hosts Krauss and Zuckerman

May 8, 2014

During a busy week in Los Angeles, the Secular Organizations for Sobriety (SOS), headed by Jim Christopher at CFI-L.A., co-sponsored the 7th annual Festival of Recovery, the branch hosted the documentary The Unbelievers followed by a panel discussion with Lawrence Krauss and filmmakers Gus and Luke Holwerda, and featured Prof. Phil Zuckerman at its “Feed Your Brain” lecture.

SOS and SHARE! (Self-Help And Recovery Exchange), hosted at SHARE!‘s headquarters in Culver City some 30 support groups and provided free lunch to hundreds of attendees at the all-day event.

A sold-out, SRO showing of The Unbelievers at CFI-L.A. drew 150 attendees, including rock n roll megastar Tim Minchin, last weekend, and Krauss and the filmmakers talked with the audience for more than an hour. Two days later, Phil Zuckerman, author of Faith No More: Why People Reject Religion and founding chair of the country’s first secular studies program at Pitzer College in Claremont, drew a crowd of 70 to hear about the rise of the “nones.” Introducing Krauss and Zuckerman was CFI Chair Eddie Tabash following welcoming remarks from CFI-L.A. Exec. Dir. Jim Underdown.

Between the SOS and CFI-L.A. events was a Café Inquiry with Autumn Sandeen, a transgender veteran and currently an editor of The Transadvocate, discussing the basics of trans issues.

Next up: Geologist Donald Prothero on how science deniers threaten our future at the “Feed Your Brain” lecture on Sun., May 18, at CFI-L.A. At Costa Mesa that day, E.G. Vallianatos, who gave a talk at CFI-L.A. last month, will discuss his new book, Poison Spring: The Secret History of Pollution and the E.P.A


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